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The Union County Fire Marshal’s Office has a primary responsibility of enforcing the North Carolina Fire Prevention Code. This code requires that all commercial occupancies be inspected on an arranged schedule. The schedule that is set forth by the North Carolina Fire Code ranges from one, two, and sometimes three year inspection frequency. In addition to performing the required fire inspection, the office also handles concerns about life safety issues that are reported by the public.

The North Carolina Fire Prevention Code is regulated by the Office of State Fire Marshal and is periodically updated or amended. The current code that is in use is the 2012 edition which affects buildings that were permitted since after June 1, 2012.  Old fire prevention codes may be reviewed online through the Office of State Fire Marshal’s web site.

In addition to conducting fire inspections, this office also reviews building plans and all fire protection equipment required by the code. Fire protection equipment that is installed, but not required, is still reviewed through our office. The first step of obtaining approval for building permit is apply for a permit through the Union County Building Inspections Department. For a fire protection permit, two sets of plans must be submitted for review in addition to an application for a fire prevention permit. Effective August 1, 2013, all plans will need to be submitted to the Permit Center located in Building Inspections on the ground floor of the Government Center.  The address is 500 N. Main St, Suite 47     Monroe, NC 28112. 

Fire investigation is an additional task that is carried out by this office. Structure and vehicle fires are majority of the types of fires that are investigated; however other types of fires can also be investigated. Certain fires require the use of outside resources that our office does not have. If outside resources are necessary then other agencies such as the Union County Sheriff’s Office, North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation, and the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco & Firearm’s & Explosives can provide those resources.

Burning Permits are not issued through our office; however they can be obtained online through the North Carolina Forestry Service. Fire Truck with Fireman  On occasion our office will receive complaints by the public of an individual who is burning questionable items. The North Carolina Division of Air Quality maintains regulations on what can be burnt. If someone is burning something that you feel is not allowed, you can review the North Carolina Open Burning Regulations which is where you can find the answer.

Public education programs are also offered through the county. Public education programs are offered to daycares, schools, and business throughout the county. These programs have a wide range of topic that they cover, and depending on the age range of the class will depend on what topics are taught. Escape planning should be incorporated into your home fire safety plan.  Just as in the work place or school environments, practicing fire drills are important.  An escape plan should have a drawing of the house, exits indicated and a meeting place indicated outside of the home.  Follow this link to print off a grid sheet for a escape plan:

The Fire Marshal’s Office is also a liaison with the 18 fire departments that are located throughout the county. The office is responsible for guidance on budgetary duties, service testing of apparatus, and any other issues that a department might need assistance on.

The Union County Board of Commissioners approved the FY 2013-2014 Budget at a meeting on June 17, 2013.  In the budget a Permit and Inspection Fee Schedule was approved for the Fire Marshal's Office. This will go into effect August 1, 2013.   Please see the attached PDF for the Permit and Inspection Fee Schedule   Union County Fire Prevention Permit Fee Schedule.  The schedule is also located under the Resources tab. 

Important News

At the Union County Board of Commissioners meeting on June 16, 2014 the Commissioners approved an interlocal agreement with the Town of Waxhaw to take over enforcement of the fire code in Waxhaw effective July 1, 2014.  For inspection requests and plans submittal after July 1st, please contact the Town of Waxhaw Building Inspections at 704-843-2195.  If you have any questions, please contact the Union County Fire Marshal's Office.

Mission Statement

To protect the lives and property, both commercial and residential, of the citizens of Union County and reduce the effects of the ravages of fire through code enforcement, fire prevention and public education.


Kevin RigoliFire Marshal
500 North Main St, Suite 809
Monroe, NC 28112
Phone: 704-296-4296
Fax: 704-283-3716

Deputy Fire Marshal Jon Williams - 704-283-3515
Assistant Fire Marshal Wyatte McBryde - 704-296-4298
Assistant Fire Marshal Zeb Mullis - 704-283-3725

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