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The Information Technology division is responsible for orchestrating the development, specification, certification and enforcement of Information technologies throughout the County.

We maintain a network consisting of hundreds of computer workstations and division information "servers" spread throughout County divisions. Data, voice, and imaging systems are merging into multimedia information capabilities that we are implementing into our progressive organizations to improve the way they operate. We strive to stay abreast by installing and maintaining the most current and advanced technologies available.

Public data can be acquired in the format it is stored in our systems. The public will have a choice of media based on current hardware. However, requests for such data must be made to the division responsible for maintaining it. For example, if a citizen is in need of tax payer information they must make their request to the Tax Assessor's office. The Tax Office will in turn make the request to the Information Technology division.

Mission Statement

Information Technology (IT) delivers consistent, reliable information technology services to Union County. Our goal is convenience and cost-effectiveness. To further our goal of operational excellence, IT supports applications and initiatives which provide increased efficiency and effectiveness while continuing to improve the hardware, communications, and software components of the Information Technology (IT) infrastructure. As a steward of critical Institute resources, IS works in collaborative and integrated teams with customers and IT colleagues to ensure that those resources are effectively, equitably, and efficiently maintained and applied. Our efforts to reduce cost and improve business process are continuous.

Department Goals

Consistent, Reliable IT services. Deliver consistent reliable information technology to Union County.

Partnerships with customers for solutions. IT works with other service areas and divisions to develop and deliver timely solutions for their business needs.

Partnerships with vendors for products and services. IT actively monitors industry and technology trends and works with vendors to introduce appropriate reliable, and accessible products to Union County.

Employees as key resources. IT employees are key resources enabling the delivery of IT products and services. Therefore, IT works to provide competitive salaries, recognition, state-of-the-art equipment, training, and an enjoyable workplace. IT strives to maintain an environment of learning and engagement where people are valued, and the commitment and responsibility for pursuing appropriate innovation are aligned with Union County goals and shared by everyone. IT relies on interpersonal skills and expertise in both communication and technology to accomplish its work. Effective communication across teams and with customers provides opportunities for effective learning and improvement from past and current practice.

Policies, procedures, and standards. IT advocates the use of and adherence to standards as a key step in providing a scalable, common computing environment with applications developed to interact smoothly with each other and the Union County infrastructure.

Effective use of resources. IS ensures that Information Technology resources are effectively, equitably, and efficiently maintained and applied. Its efforts to reduce costs and improve business processes are continuous.



Carl Lucas, Division Director
500 N. Main St.
8th Floor
Monroe, NC 28112

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