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Elections handles all voter registration, preparation and implementation of elections, filing of candidates, auditing campaign reporting, recruit and training of elections day precinct workers, prepares census maps, implement new laws as passed, provides citizens of Union County with the opportunity to exercise their right to vote in the appropriate jurisdictions by establishing convenient and effective voter registration, voting sites, and services; by operating the elections process in an open, fair cost-effective and efficient manner as set forth in the Constitution and General Statutes of N. C. and the United States of America.

To serve the public well and see that each qualified individual is guaranteed their constitutional right to vote. To fulfill all requirements mandated by state and federal laws.

Objective: For elections to run smoothly. No contested elections. Voters and candidates satisfied that the Board of Elections treated them fairly and competently.


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Monday-Friday (8:00-5:00)

John Whitley, Director
316-B Windsor St. E
Monroe, NC 28112

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 1106
Monroe, NC 28111

Phone: (704) 283-3809

Fax: (704) 282-1083


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Questions about:

Campaign Finance:
Kristin Jacumin 704-283-3710

Voter Registration:
Donna Meadows 704-283-3633

Absentee Voting:
Fred Hoerl 704-283-3864

ADA Questions:
Phillip Hinson 704-283-3709. 

All other Questions:

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