Assessment Division
The Assessment Division identifies property, lists assets, maintains ownership data, and administers the tax relief programs for all real and personal property. The division consists of five primary areas – Personal Property, GIS/Land Records, Present Use Value, Exemptions and Exclusions, and Customer Service
North Carolina law provides for tax relief programs based ownership and use. These programs include tax exemptions for educational, charitable, governmental, fraternal, and religious use. Tax exclusions, in which only part of the property is subject to taxation, includes historical property and property owned by the elderly and disabled. The third tax relief program is Present Use Value. This program assists property owner who use their land to produce an agricultural, horticultural, or forestry commodity.
Our Customer Service Office is located on the second floor of the Union County Government Center. They provide service for taxpayers by phone and in person. All tax office data is available to the public though the customer service area. This data includes: copies of maps, property record cards, applications for all types of exemptions, exclusions and deferments, questions about tax bills, etc. There are also computers available to the public to access property tax related information.
To reach the Tax Administrator's Office, Assessment Division, you may call 704-283-3746 or in writing to:

Union County Tax Administrator's Office
PO Box 97
Monroe, NC 28111-0097


Union County Tax Assessor
Union County Government Center
500 N. Main Street, Suite 236
PO Box 97
Monroe, NC 28111-0097
Phone: 704-283-3746
Fax: 704-292-2588

Robin Merry - Division Director, Assessment

Barbara Laney - Assessment -Personal Property Supervisor

Gus Nichols - GIS Project Coordinator

Jerry Macemore - Real Estate Assessment Coordinator

Steve Crump- Assessment- Real Property Supervisor

For questions or comments please email the Tax Administrator's Office at:

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